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Excellency Awards

IFA Aromatherapists throughout the country are doing an outstanding job, whether working in Alternative Health Centres, Hospitals, Hospices, Beauty Clinics or in private practice. On a daily basis our members across the globe are preserving the health of the nation and inspiring the next generation of Aromatherapists to come. Some are well known, write books, promote Aromatherapy to the media, teach and give lectures but perhaps the greater number are best described as just roll-up-the-sleeves-down-to-earth therapists involved in the business of helping, healing, encouraging, supporting and promoting Aromatherapy in the best possible way – by being a living example and a credit to their profession. The IFA awards are to celebrate the achievements of therapists.


Previous Winners

Linda Tenant for her volunteer work with Aids patients at St Stephens Hospital, London

Anne Chance for her work with the elderly and brain damaged children   


Honorary and Fellowship Awards

Honorary and Fellowship awards are given to those distinguished within their field, who have demonstrated support for the IFA, its principles and Aromatherapy. A list of those who have received such awards:           

  • Sylvia Baker
  • Margaret Jolanta Basnyet
  • Sue Beechey
  • Doreen Bennetts
  • Ann Bird
  • Tony Burfield
  • Patricia Christopher-McAlpine
  • Ishvara D'Angelo
  • Gaynor Davenport
  • Alison England
  • Sylvia Galleguillos
  • June Gibbs
  • Bernie Hephrun
  • Joanna Hoare
  • Geraldine Howard
  • Yoshitsugu Ichikawa
  • Tammy Liu
  • Dr Vivian Lunny
  • Nicole Perez
  • Carole Preen
  • Shirley Price
  • Irene Smith
  • Eve Taylor OBE
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Germaine Rich
  • Daniele Ryman
  • Bharti Vyas
  • Dr Dietrich Wabner
  • Dr Valerie Worwood


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