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Aromatherapy Times Magazine Editorial Contributions

The Aromatherapy Times Magazine welcomes contributions from authors in the field. We encourage the submission of articles on aromatherapy, essential oils, multi-disciplines and business support for practitioners. Contributions can come in various forms; research papers, case studies, reassessments of techniques, book reviews and the latest updates affecting the industry. Our magazine currently circulates to 5,000 professionals worldwide and is an effective means of increasing your profile.

*Please note, we do not pay our contributors and we do not charge for contributing, as we view it as a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Our magazine has the following sections:

  • Essential Oils and Vegetable Oil Profiles
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage & Other Bodywork Methods
  • Research & Development
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Business Support & Professional Practice
  • Case Studies * New
  • Product Making * New

* We also have a new snippets page which includes relevant updates related to Aromatherapy, Massage and the broader spectrum of Complementary Health. New snippets must be between 75 - 200 words. Snippets cannot be self-promotional, only snippets which promote an organisation that is non-profit or charitable activities shall be permitted. 

Submission Guidelines


We ask for all articles to be between 2,000 – 5,000 words. The purpose of our magazine is to educate its audience about the benefits of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, therefore for articles to meet our criteria they must be educational and backed up with evidence (research references) rather than promotional. At the end of the article contributors may give all details to contact them for further information. Each article should ideally be accompanied by at least one picture where possible (resolution of at least 300 dpi). The pictures should reflect the contents of the article and not contain logos. There are separate advertising opportunities available if you wish to do this.

All articles should be written to a high standard and proof read for grammatical errors before submission. We do not accept drafts. Each author should contact the editor Lauren Allen regarding the topic they wish to submit prior to commencement to be advised if appropriate. We aim for our magazine to be as diverse as possible therefore certain topics will not be revisited within the same year. Once you have prepared your article please send it to with the heading ‘Aromatherapy Times article submission’ so it can be promptly sent to the correct department. Please include authors name, title of article, abstract of article for pre-approval no more than 300 words and contact details.


Please also make us aware if your article has been previously published. All articles published in the Aromatherapy Times are copyright of the aromatherapy times. If you wish to republish the article you must state the original source of publication.


Articles must be sent to the Editor at the IFA head office. Articles will then be reviewed by the Editorial Board. All authors will be written to with the result of the review as expediently as possible. The Editorial Board’s decision is final. If further information is needed they will give recommendations and ask contributors to resubmit with a two week turnaround. By sending an article for possible publication the submitter attests that the work is original and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere.


  • We ask that all articles are sent by email in Microsoft word so that we can format the style and font to our magazine’s style
  • Articles should not exceed 5,000 words including references and foot notes. If your articles exceeds this amount you will need to put it into two parts and submit together
  • The title of the article should precede the text and summarise the main components of the article
  • The title and author will be displayed in the heading. Please note we will not publish an article with a company name as the author. All qualification and suffixes can be cited at the end of the article
  • Please use sub headings in bold to make for easier reading
  • Paragraphs should be indicated with a line in between rather than an indentation
  • All footnotes should be numbered and referenced at the end of the article not throughout the text
  • References should state the title of the book, the author, the page number you extracted the information from and the year the book was published
  • It is the authors responsibility to obtain permission for any material used within their article, which includes pictures
  • Please supply pictures separate to the text and put in italic for the graphic designer where you wish the pictures to be placed. Images should be sent in Jpeg format


  • Spring 2017 - 22nd February
  • Summer 2017 - 25th May
  • Autumn 2017 - 21st August
  • Winter 2017 - 09th October


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