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How to Gain CPD Points


The IFA requires its members to fulfill 12 hours (which amount to points) of continual professional development each year. This is a standard requirement so that our therapists can stay at the peak of their profession. CPD comes in many shapes and forms. The IFA accept CPD from other organisations and providers provided that the content is suitable. If you are unsure if an activity amounts as CPD please contact the office. Below we have given some brief guidelines of what constitutes as CPD.

Points Gained 

What You Can Do 


 1 Point Per Hour

 Attending a seminar, workshop, conference

 Signed attendance form or certificate

 1 Point Per Hour

 Attending a CPD course in complementary health

 Signed attendance form or certificate

 1 Point Per Hour

 Attending a regional meeting

 Signed attendance form

 1 Point Per Hour

 Volunteer work in the Aromatherapy field

 Signed participation form

 1 Point Per Hour

 Volunteering at the IFA stand at an exhibition

 Automatically updated

 2 Points

 Subscription to an additional health related journal

 Receipt of subscription

 2 Points

 Reading Aromatherapy books, CD'S etc

 Library receipt or purchase receipt

 2 Points

 Attending a complementary health exhibition

 Copy of ticket

 3 Points

 Book review of 500 words

 Automatically updated once received

 4 Points

 Writing an article in the Aromatherapy Times Magazine

 Automatically updated once approved

 4 Points Per Hour

 Speaking at a seminar, workshop or conference

 Proof of presentation

 12 Points

 Being on the IFA Council

 Minutes as proof

 12 Points

 Running an IFA Course

 Accreditation as proof

 24 Points

 Author or joint author of a published book

 Photocopy of ISBN number and title


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