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What to look for when choosing or employing an Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to promote health and wellbeing and is the nation’s popular choice to relieve stress and back pain. 26 million people in the UK regularly suffer from a bad back with new statistics revealing that 90% of sufferers rely on paracetamol to relieve pain. Emerging evidence shows that the drug is not only ineffective, but may also cause harm when taken long-term. Statistics reveal that half of back pain sufferers are in pain for months at a time, with over a quarter suffering for longer than a year.

Essential oils combined with massage bring a vast array of benefits to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Essential oils are extracted from plants and each has their own distinctive properties to enhance relaxation and calmness. Research evidence supports the efficacy of aromatherapy for sleep enhancement, pain, depression and generally a better quality of life. More research is needed to understand the full extent of the benefits of aromatherapy. Qualitative studies, where people talk about their experience of aromatherapy, bring more positive results of feeling uplifted after a treatment.

A typical treatment costs between £30 to £60 dependent on the length of time of the treatment and location. The therapist will ask the client about their previous medical history and lifestyle to be able to create a personalised treatment plan. Treatments are available at home, in a salon, spa or in a variety of settings including hospitals and hospices etc. depending on the individual therapist and client’s needs. 

The purpose of the IFA register is to enhance public safety by providing a list of Aromatherapists who have met the national standards of safe practice and are also bound by Codes of Professional Practice.

Member Qualifications:

Full Members

Have undertaken a minimum of 9 months training at level 4/5, hold a diploma in aromatherapy and have successfully passed the theory and practice of aromatherapy external examinations.

Associate Members

Have undertaken an aromatherapy course at a level 3 and meet the national standards of safe practice.

Carer Members

Offer gentle non-invasive treatments to the less mobile supervised in specific settings trained to a level 2.

PEOT Therapists

Have undertaken a minimum of 9 months training at a level 4, hold a diploma in essential oils and have successfully passed the theory and practice of essential oil application examinations but do not offer massages.   


Whether you are seeking to have a treatment or to recruit a new member of staff you can choose with confidence by searching for a therapist on the IFA register.


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