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How to Upgrade to an IFA Full Member

Upgrading.jpgWe warmly welcome those with Aromatherapy qualifications awarded by the following organisations below and invite you to either become an associate member or to upgrade your existing qualification. The IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma is recognised worldwide as a specialist Level 4/5 Practitioner Award (level 4 Aromatherapy, level 5 Clinical Aromatherapy). Our tailored upgrade courses enable those who already have an Aromatherapy certificate, to professionally develop their skills and knowledge to that of the IFA Diploma. Successful completion of the upgrade course and IFA theory examination will enable you to become an IFA full member.

  • BTEC
  • IHHT
  • ITEC
  • NAHA
  • NARD
  • NVQ (Level 3)
  • VCTC

What is required?

To gain entry onto the IFA Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Upgrade Course you must provide evidence of your previous study and qualifications to establish what you have already covered through previous training and what you still need to complete to meet the IFA’s stipulated criteria.  

To upgrade your qualification you will need to complete the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) questionnaire and provide evidence of previous achievement (certificate etc), including relevant CPD activities. This questionnaire will support you in identifying areas of strength and areas you need to complete or update. It also ensures that course material will be honed to your specific learning requirement. Your upgrade training will provide an opportunity to consolidate existing skills and knowledge, develop areas of weakness and embrace new learning. 

Unsure if you are eligible for an upgrade course?

If your prior learning was not accredited by one of the above, then a course can still be tailored to your requirements and additional information will be required (evidence of hours etc). However, please note the tutor may recommend that you complete the full course.

Unsure if you need an upgrade course?

This is dependent on the amount of learning hours you have completed, assessments undertaken and course content. Please provide detailed information in your APL questionnaire to enable us to advise. Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and Self Study Hours will be adapted and adjusted accordingly to acknowledged previous study and student's current upgrade needs. Successful completion of each unit along with any relevant APL/APEL evidence will entitle the student to the Diploma Credits attributed to the unit.

Who offers the upgrade course?

Once you have completed your APL questionnaire an IFA tutor may then offer you a short course that will bridge the gaps between your current curriculum to the IFA syllabus. Upgrade courses are specially put together for the individual applicant and may be available either at one of our schools, with one of our tutors or at the IFA head office, please enquire at the time. The tutor will then discuss with you your requirements and the level of guidance needed, the length of the course and the cost of the tuition. Typically this can be done on weekends or in blocks but this is entirely dependent on the tutor and applicants availability.


What if an upgrade course is not available?

If a tutor is not available in your area or is over subscribed, you can join the IFA as an associate member until an upgrade course becomes available. Please note tailored upgrade courses are at the soul discretion of the tutor and they may recommend that you take the full course. Comparing qualifications is not an exact science and tutors may ask the student to undertake an internal assessments before accepting APL as they see fit.


Applicants must be:

  • Over 18 years old at the start the course
  • Have an adequate level of written and spoken English, or other language in which the course is conducted.
  • Have professional or student insurance (professional indemnity and public liability) at the start of their course, which is also made available at £27 from the IFA’s insurance brokers Alan Boswell if required.
  • Once enrolled you must register as a student member of the IFA.


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