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The Aromatouch Carer Course

The IFA Aromatouch Carer Course teaches people about touch and massage as a language to communicate caring and understanding. The strokes are done with only the flat of the hand and only to the back, hands and feet. The strokes describe creative shapes and stories are made up to accompany the massage sequence. The massage can be done anywhere, standing, sitting or walking. The course has especially been formalised taking into account that most of the client groups who might benefit from this method of massage are not able to tolerate a standard massage on a couch.

Aimed at

The Aromatouch carer course is designed for those who work in the care industry and for individuals who interact with those who need additional attention. The course is for those wanting to learn how to incorporate the use of touch with essential oils on primarily the elderly, children and those with special needs. The flexibility of the course means participants will work in a range of environments and different age groups. It also allows qualified practitioners to incorporate new skills to their existing practice and add another dimension to their work, honed to a niche market.

How long is the course?

The course is delivered as a practical ‘hands on’ training course combined with a clearly defined course curriculum. Each student will be given a manual at the start of the course by their tutor and become registered with the IFA as a carer. The seventy hour taught course with thirty five hours direct face to face contact can be covered in five days or part modules.

The course is broken down into two areas: Caretouch, which is massage skills for carers and lasts for two days, plus one day follow up and the presentation of assessments. The Aromatouch part comprises of Aromatherapy skills for carers taught in three days, plus one day assessment and feedback. Aromatouch and Caretouch can be taught as one course lasting five days plus one day assessment arranged by the tutor.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic concepts of emotional health and wellbeing
  • Be able to identify the main stress factors arising from personal and environmental situations
  • Identify the effects of stress and anxiety on the body systems
  • Understand the importance of nurturing touch in supporting emotional wellbeing
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in a range of massage techniques
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of all commonly used essential oils and mixes
  • Commonly used methods of using essential oils and carrier oils
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and professional skills required to use aromatherapy in the context of a carer and link their practice to their client/work  
  • Appraise the history of Aromatherapy
  • Understand basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to Aromatherapy and massage
  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of accurate records and case studies
  • Learn to create targeted resources for those with additional needs
  • Understand and demonstrate client care and professionalism
  • Access a range of further information, including study guides


Those who complete the Aromatouch course will receive the IFA’s certificate of competence and be entered onto the IFA Carer's register.



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