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Professional Aromatherapy Courses

The IFA have special professional training programs which are only offered by IFA registered schools. All IFA schools have successfully completed the accreditation process and are committed to offering students a high standard of training and the knowledge and skills needed to establish a flourishing practice. The ranges of courses available are:

Aromatherapy Diploma Course

The Aromatherapy Diploma is taught from the IFA syllabus, which was first developed in 1988. Currently the syllabus includes Anatomy and Physiology for Aromatherapists, Aromatherapy, Massage_Treatment_Pic_Small.jpgAromatherapy Massage and Bodywork, Business Studies and Research. It also has clear aims and learning outcomes, defined content and assessment criteria for each module. The IFA Diploma course is an internationally recognised qualification, which incorporates the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Open College Network Standards and meets the National Qualification Framework (NQF) requirements. On completion you will hold a worldwide recognised qualification to a level 4/5 standard. Successful students will gain entrance to full IFA membership with a competitive professional insurance package and will be able to add the initials MIFA after their professional name and qualification (Dip). Click here for more details »»»

Professional Essential Oils Therapy Course

The Professional Essential Oils Therapy (PEOT) Diploma focuses on the in-depth study of essential oils and carrier oils and their applications, (without the Aromatherapy massage). It combines a clinical and holistic approach to well-being by including the science of essential oils, it outlines how to use scents for emotional and menPEOT_Course_Pic.jpgtal benefits which help in the treatment of illnesses of psychosomatic origins. In addition the aromatherapeutic module details natural ingredients and their uses, base products, ingredients to avoid and how to guide the therapists through making natural remedies in the clinic. The PEOT is aimed at professional practitioners in healthcare and complementary medicine, i.e. acupuncturists, nutritionists, reflexologists, pharmacists, natural product designers, aestheticians, perfumers interested in healing and massage therapists, etc. The method of delivery allows for both in-class study and distance learning. On completion therapists will be able to add the initials MIFA after their name and qualification (Dip). Click here for more details »»»


Aromatouch Carers Certificate Course

The IFA Aromatouch Carer Course teaches people about touch and massage as a language to communicate caring and understanding. The course is aimed at those who are currently responsible for a range of people with special needs. The manual includes knowledge of a number Hand_Massage.jpgof essential oils and their application in the context of caring. It is delivered as a five day practical hands-on training course combined with clear instructions suitable for the caring profession. Participants will learn to work in different environments and with different age groups. The course will teach participants to incorporate touch with essential oils, primarily on the elderly, children and for stress relief for those who have restrictive physical and mental conditions. The course also allows already qualified practitioners to incorporate new skills into their existing practice and add another dimension to their work. On completion of the course participants will receive a certificate of competence. Click here for more details »»»

Upgrade Courses (for therapists whose training needs strengthening)

Aromatherapy upgrade courses are available to people who have already qualified as Aromatherapists but whose level of training was lesser than the IFA requirements needed to become an IFA full member. How to go about upgrading your qualifications? In order for your Book_of_Knowledge.jpgupgrade needs to be assessed you will need to complete an Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) questionnaire. This questionnaire will support you in identifying areas of strength and areas you need to complete or update. An IFA tutor can then offer you a short course that will bridge the gaps between your current curriculum to the IFA syllabus. Upgrade courses are specially put together for the individual applicant and may be available either at one of our schools, with one of our tutors or at the IFA head office, please enquire at the time. The tutor will then discuss with you your requirements and the level of guidance needed, the length of the course and the cost of the tuition. Click here for more details »»»

Continual Professional Development Courses

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is a standard requirement of many professionals to ensure that practitioners are up-to-date with knowledge relating to their professional practice, that PEOT_Course_Pic.jpgthey regularly re-assess or improve their skills and most important, that they attend to their own personal development. For aromatherapy professionals CPD serves two purposes – first, it helps maintain a high standard of practice as well as give quality assurances to the general public and second, as most therapists work by themselves, it helps them maintain a professional supportive network and helps remind them to also take care of themselves. Every year, the IFA offers diverse CPD courses, workshops, lectures and conferences which will count towards the compulsory annual 12 CPD points required from members to maintain their membership. Click here for short courses and workshops »»»

Refresher Courses (for therapists re-joining the profession after a career break)

If you have not been professionally practising for 5 years or more due to illness, injury or other personal circumstances we recommend that you go on a refresher course to update your skills. This is assessed on an individual basis and is dependent on the following:  the amount of time youRefresher_Course.jpg have not been professionally practising, the amount of professional practice you have undertaken during this time, whether or not you have been working in a similar field in the healthcare profession during this time and the type of CPD you have undertaken i.e. attending a bodywork workshop, massage or aromatherapy workshop, professional business development or essential oil seminars etc. during your sabbatical or recently. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire available from the office, for an expedient response please prepare a portfolio of evidence of practice before your temporary retirement to the office for review. If it is thought that a refresher course is needed, a tutor will be able to spend between one to three days enhancing your skills to the current standards. Click here for more details »»»

Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training Courses are for qualified Aromatherapists who require additional guidance in pursuing their career as an IFA registered tutor. The courses are specifically designed to show participants how to deliver each of the IFA courses. This is delivered interactively with ‘role playing’ and various exercises to help you understand how to produce teaching material and lessons. It Teaching.jpgincludes: the principles of learning and teaching, lesson planning, managing a group of adults in training and solving classroom problems, understanding the applications of special needs and equal opportunity policy in the classroom. The last two days of tuition is reserved for the micro-teaching session which is for you to practice what you have learnt so far and gain valuable feedback from your peer group and tutor. On completion participants will be able to create optimum learning environments to enable potential students to learn more effectively, produce appropriate resources that enhance the learners experience, identify principles of learning, teaching, assessment, evaluation and more. Courses are held at various points throughout the year and vary between two to five days. The diploma courses are five day face-on-tuition with coursework assignments and the Aromatouch course is two days tuition with an extra day for assessment.


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