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The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) complaints procedure is to promote good practice and professionalism from all our members. We encourage all complainants to try and resolve grievances with the person/s involved prior to contacting us, as most grievances can be resolved at this stage. Once this option has been exhausted you may contact us to investigate this for you.

To make a formal complaint about a member you will need to complete the complaints form and send to the IFA head office. Before you complete the form please make sure your complaint takes into account the following:

Complaints we can help with

  • Care or advice received from one of our members
  • A members professional or personal behaviour

Complaints we cannot address are

  • Claims for compensation – all practising members have insurance to cover claims
  • As an impartial organisation we cannot take action against third party companies/persons/organisations unconnected to the IFA on an individual’s behalf.

General Guidance

  • The complaint must be raised within 12 months of the grievance taking place
  • The complainant must be able to supply proof of dates and all relevant information and documentation pertaining to the grievance
  • Please check that your complaint is in regards to a current IFA member

What Happens Next?

  1. You will receive confirmation that we have received the complaint within 48 hours
  2. The council will discuss the complaint at their convened meeting
  3. The council will then write to the therapist and ask for their response
  4. After an investigation has taken place the council will write to the complainant and the therapist and inform them in writing of the outcome and future steps
  5. The therapist may then be subject to the disciplinary procedure


All of our therapists are bound by the following terms and conditions and if a complaint is upheld a member will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.


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