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Charity Raffle

As a charity we feel it is important to support other charitable causes and give back to the profession. Throughout the year we embark on supporting various projects and are exceedingly proud of the volunteer work our therapists undertake. All proceeds of this year’s raffle go towards training mothers with disabled children about Aromatouch as a language to communicate caring and understanding. For every £1 spent on a raffle ticket the IFA will double it and put towards this worthy cause.

Below is a testimonial of a mother previously sponsored:

“When you care for someone with complex medical and learning needs life moves pretty fast. A glass half full family we try not to dwell on the more challenging days and move onwards with life making memories. Aromatouch has not only brought with it new skills and a way of communicating with my children, I have met new friends, giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with others. Touch is now a huge part of everyday life in my house. Both my non- verbal children are completely dependent on me for their daily care. Laura is the third of my four children. She is now 19 and was born with congenital birth defects including a cleft palate and a cranial defect which were both operated on when she was small. She has severe learning difficulties, is non-verbal and has autism. She is partially sighted and is photophobic as her irises didn't form properly. Her behaviour can be quite challenging to say the least and what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality. Once met never forgotten, my little ginger whirlwind who now adores a back massage and the aroma of mandarin. Joe is my youngest - my platinum blonde gentle giant. He is 17, he has profound and multiple learning needs and severe epilepsy. He is wheelchair dependant and now loves a foot massage and a story massage too! He is non-verbal too, however this doesn't stop him letting me know his likes and dislikes. Strong aromas can affect their mood and the level of pressure when being held can be interpreted as pain if given too softly. Massage and oil blends have become part of our daily routine. They have their individual favourites - as do I. I am so grateful to the IFA who funded my place on the course and to those who, without it, may not ever experience something as simple as just holding your child's hand.” Angela Billington, a proud mum and proud Aromatouch Practitioner


Raffle prizes have been sponsored by:


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