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IFA Aromatouch Carer Course Testimonials

Picture3.jpg “The Aromatouch course has enriched my life and that of my children. My daughter has autism and Angelman Syndrome and seldom sits still. Now, thanks to the course she sees my oils box and sits still and lets me massage her. It has increased the bond between us and Layla will help to create her own sprays and smelling pots. My younger children also benefit from regular massages.

I use oils in everyday activities such as washing and cleaning. The course has helped me to get more confidence, make new friendships and helped me to deal with my own health issues.

The course has inspired me to seek further training and do research on oils and massage strokes. My home is now a much happier place to be.”

Kelly Marie Butchard

Aromatouch Practitioner


“I would highly recommend the Aromatouch course. It is enjoyable and beneficial right from the start. I got to meet some lovely people and had the best teachers  – Sheila & Carole.

This course is very useful for my home, family and friends. I use massage to suit each persons individual needs.

Thank you IFA and Aromatouch !”

Joanne McEnerney

Aromatouch Practitioner


“I think that the Aromatouch course can be beneficial for everyone, especially as the course is designed around vulnerable children and adults.

Picture1.jpgAs a Learning Disability Nurse I have found the course to be very useful to the care of the service users. The massage and oils can help people to relax and also provide important nurturing touch and one to one time.

As an example, one young gentleman who has additional and complex needs and displays challenging behaviour finds the story books very relaxing and this has reduced the need for medication as a lot of his agitation and frustration is released. Setting the scene with relaxing music and lighting enhances this effect further.”

Lyndsey Miller

Aromatouch Practitioner


  “I would definitely recommend the IFA Aromatouch course. It was a lovely, relaxing course and I met some lovely people. I learned lots about essential oils, blends and massage.

The course has benefitted my little boy who has cerebral palsy which causes stiffness in his muscles. I now regularly massage his feet and legs.”

Lesley Fleetwood

Aromatouch Practitioner


“The Aromatouch course is life changing and life saving !

It has unlocked a world with my children that I never thought would exist and for that I will always be grateful. It has given me back fulfilment not only as a mum but as a person.”

Gill Bentaleb

Aromatouch Practitioner


“Before attending the course my son Jamie, who has complex needs, wouldn’t accept touch. Now I am able to tell Jamie a whole story on his back. He lays still for up to 30-40 minutes, allowing me to massage him all over his body, just laying in his nappy making the “mmmm” sound.”

The course has also enabled me to spend quality time with my teenage daughter who will ask me for a massage at different times of the day. Her request is sometimes around midnight when she cannot sleep, she asks for my special oils.”

Paula West

Aromatouch Practitioner


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