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Funded Projects

The IFA and Natural Baby Care

Natural Baby Care is a charity based in Japan that helps families with disabled children by educating them how to give their children massage to relax both their body and mind. The charity’s activities are aimed at children from 2 months to 6 years old more details can be found here At the IFA's 30th Anniversary Conference in Japan, June 2015 the IFA sponsored Natural Baby Care 203,400 YEN. The president Ikuya Inoue attended to receive the cheque and raise awareness of the charity to our conference attendees. The IFA were delighted to have helped such a worthy charity. 


The IFA and Crisis

Crisis is the national charity for single homeless people dedicated to ending homelessness by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. For the last 40 years Crisis has provided support for people over the Christmas period (23rd – 29th of December) by setting up centres across London that cater to their most essential needs as well as giving them somewhere secure and happy to be over the Christmas week when they have nowhere else to go. There is entertainment, activities and softer services that make Christmas feel truly special. Last year over 8000 volunteers help crisis deliver this and helped almost 5000 homeless people. The IFA sponsored Crisis in December 2014 with equipment and products to be used by therapists. We would like to thank our members who gave massages at various locations across London during the Christmas period.  


The IFA and the Aromatouch Course Liverpool

The IFA Aromatouch course in Liverpool teaches parents and carers of children with complex needs how to use massage and essentials oils as a means of communicating with their children. Aromatouch has changed the lives of many of the parents and carers who have been involved. It helps the children’s mood and sleep patterns, which makes family life more relaxed and improves the one-to-one time they have together; for some heart-warming testimonials click here. Knowsley council support this scheme and the IFA are also extending their help to finance another group of carers during 2015.


The IFA and the Meadow House Hospice

The Meadow House Hospice is a specialist palliative care service funded by the National Health Service at Ealing hospital delivering care to Ealing and Hounslow Boroughs. Their aim is to help each patient to maximise the benefits of his or her treatment, to help patients and families to cope as well as possible with the effects of cancer and for the patient to be cared for and die in the place of his or her choice. Specialist palliative care aims to: Affirm life and to regard dying as a normal process. Provide relief from pain and other distressing symptom. Integrate the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care. Offer a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death. Offer a support system to help the family/carers cope during the patient’s illness and in their own bereavement. The Hospice has responded to the increasing demand for specialist palliative care by developing and expanding its services. IFA volunteers give treatments to the families of those in care at pamper evenings held at the hospice to raise funds, please see letter of thanks to the IFA from the co-ordinator. 


The IFA and The Fountain Centre

The Fountain Centre is a charity that provides information and support in the form of complementary therapies and counselling to cancer patients and their carer's. They are reaching out to more and more people and are now established within two sites of the St Lukes Cancer Centre in the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. This is no small feat for a complementary therapy centre to be based within an NHS hospital. This couldn't be done without the support of around 100 volunteers comprised of many IFA Aromatherapists, who give up their time to help. The IFA also provide the centre with £600 worth of essential oils each year to support this project. Please see press release.

The IFA and Yes to Life

Yes to Life raise awareness of complementary therapies that are currently unavailable on the NHS for cancer patients. There are huge numbers for whom mainstream approaches such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy are either not a viable option, or simply one that they do not wish to pursue. For these people there are a wide range of alternative treatments, some from other medical traditions, some very new developments, and some that are well established. Significant numbers of cancer patients have received benefits from these treatments. Furthermore, there are many complementary therapies that can be used alongside conventional treatment in an integrative approach; to support the immune system, to minimise side effects and protect organs from damage, to enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatment, and to increase overall wellbeing. The IFA raised funds for Yes to Life by donating monies from exhibitions, conferences and merchandise during 2012. Money donated was £2,500.00. We would like to thank all our members for participating in this worthy cause.


The IFA and Tsunami

On 11th March 2011, Japan suffered the effects of an earthquake swiftly followed by a tsunami, which had a devastating impact on parts of the country. The IFA quickly responded by organising a relief fund and put together a plan to support four emergency shelters in different locations. One of our own schools in Sendai City was completely destroyed including the school owners home. To us, this brought home just how vulnerable we are to the power of nature. We organised teams of Aromatherapists to visit different locations. Tateiinogowa High school in Ishinomaki City, treating 250 people, many of whom were suffering from poor circulation and high stress levels. Higashimatsushin City where 91 people were confined in 4 large rooms, each housing three or four families. Koizumi Junior School in Kesenuma City, treating 210 people mainly children who had escaped to the top of the hill where the school stood. On May 21st we were at another high school in Ishinomaki, the shelter there housed over two hundred people. The IFA raised £3,000 for the Japanese disaster fund and donated oils. Many of the people we met along the way told us that they had felt much calmer after the treatment and felt positive for the first time. We are continuing our efforts and have sponsored a network centre in North-east Japan in order to support local children (many of who had lost a friend or relative) and have organised the Yappashi Festival.

In September 2011, IFA therapists headed by Susan Fujimoto went to Otsuchi, Japan to bring much needed relief to those affected by the Tsunami. The Otsuchi NPO office was responsible for the coordination of residents at eleven different locations in makeshift houses.  As therapy couches were not available, they improvised by using Japanese-style mattresses placed on the floor for Leg/Back/Arm/dry hand and head massages. Advice was given to people living in cramped conditions; leading sedentary life-styles, the possible physical problems that may arise from blood circulatory, lymphatic, immune and nervous disorders, and how to take preventative measures. In six days a total of 132 treatments were given with ages ranging from 26 to 92 rewarding for all concerned.


The IFA and the George Eliot Hospital

The George Eliot Hospital is one of the forerunners in providing Aromatherapy to pregnant women and has been assisting other Trust’s around the country in setting up a similar care package. IFA member and midwife Sue Mousley has coordinated this project. The IFA have sponsored the George Eliot Hospital with books and couches and promoted the ‘Project Oasis’, a stress training programme for patients.


The IFA and Rest UK

Rest UK is a voluntary organisation that offer rescue workers onsite chair massages in highly stressed and sometimes dangerous locations during the course of their shift. The effects are instantaneous and self-evident; people need to sit down, relax and after a short massage session will return to their grim tasks feeling rejuvenated; enabling them to function more efficiently without the need for longer breaks. Rest UK is composed entirely of volunteers, many of whom are IFA members; the founder members are Kim Wooldridge MIFA, Lynne Woods and Stephen Paine. Rest UK have assisted with the UK fire service, including the search and rescue teams and the urban search teams. In the past they have attended international major incidents including Ground Zero following 9:11 and the Tsunami. At Ground Zero, many rescue workers suffered bronchial complaints, so oils such as eucalyptus were handed to them by volunteers. In 2010 the IFA raised £1,000 for the charity. The IFA chair, inspired by their work also joined the team at the Emergency Services Show in Coventry in November to raise awareness. The IFA also donated essential oils which were given to the ‘Help the Hero’s’ fund, which is also being supported by Rest UK and will go to soldiers serving in Afghanistan.


The IFA and Santa Clara Foundation

The Santa Clara Foundation shelters HIV positive children from deprived backgrounds. Because of their condition they have been treated as outcasts reduced to living on the streets. They come to the shelter presenting high levels of aggressiveness, low self-esteem, irritability, anxiety and sleep disturbances. The core group who live on the premises are children between 1 and 14 years old, who have either been orphaned or abandoned by parents with advanced AIDS and were incapable of looking after them. At the IFA’s Singapore conference in 2008 we delivered a two hour workshop to bring more recognition to the foundation and raised £1,500, which was used to improve the sanitary facilities at the shelter. Lady Sarah Ferguson also actively supports and promotes the Santa Clara Foundation. In addition we sent aromatherapy oils for our therapists to massage the children with for example; Cedar oil to heal emotional blockages and boost self-esteem; Sweet Orange to stimulate energy and Picea Mariana to target the nervous system and instigate feelings of love and protection. Treatments were carried out through two hour twice-weekly visits. The children began to develop a high sensitivity to the aromas, and were able to discriminate accurately between the oils. They were committed to their therapy sessions, finding it comforting and had a positive impact on their states of mind.  


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