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Already run an Aromatherapy Course?

If you already run an Aromatherapy course and want to become an IFA Course Provider you will need to submit your current teaching material for review.

For the IFA to ascertain what your current course covers and what you will need to teach to become an IFA Aromatherapy Diploma Course provider you will need to complete the Upgrade to an IFA Course Provider Form, which includes the mandatory components of the course to be taught. You will be required to supply evidence of your teaching material for each component and for the parts you don’t cover will be required to supply additional samples of teaching notes.

The evidence you present will be assessed to ensure that it meets all the criteria for learning outcomes using the following APL/ APEL criterion:

Acceptable - This means that the evidence you present meets all the criteria for the prescribed learning outcomes of the programme undertaken by students.

Sufficient - This means that the evidence you present provides sufficient proof that the criteria has been fully met (you may, therefore, need to produce more than one piece of evidence for some elements).

Current - The evidence provided is within the last 3 years and no more than 5 years old.  Where certificated material is more than 5 years old supplementary evidence must be provided to show how the knowledge or skills have been maintained (i.e. how they are still current).

Authentic - The evidence presented must be your own and you must be able to confirm, where appropriate, that experiential or certified learning has been endorsed by direct evidence (e.g. certificates, references or witness statements).


Associate Schools - Level 3 Aromatherapy Course Providers

Much like accepted Accredited Prior Learning for member’s we also accredit schools who already teach a recognised aromatherapy course to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and aromatherapy core curriculum requirements accredited by another accrediting body for example ITEC, BABTAC, VTCT, NAHA, and deliver courses that offer a Level 3 Aromatherapy Course.

We are introducing this new category as an ‘IFA Associate School’. This has been prompted by over subscriptions to our accredited courses and public demand for more courses in different countries and regions, which are recognised by the IFA.

By becoming an IFA Associate School you will gain an additional kite mark to advertise your course and more potential students to your course. All associate schools are listed on our directory, magazine and website.

Members of the public will be advised to attend an IFA Associate School to gain a level 3 in Aromatherapy and on completion of their course may join the IFA as an Associate Member (and at the sole discretion of the individual may choose to upgrade to a full member at a later date). Additional benefits include: 

  • Competitively priced insurance package £27 for students and £43 for postgraduates from Alan Boswell Insurance Group
  • The IFA offer its members and schools special privileges which include discounts off events, practitioner supplies, conferences, access to research, business and PR support for more details click here
  • The opportunity to upgrade to an IFA Aromatherapy Diploma Course Provider see above. There is also an especially tailored upgrade course for ITEC providers click here

To become an IFA Associate School the registration fee is £150 per annum and £50 for tutor registration, please complete the following Associate School Registration Form


By coming under the umbrella of the IFA you will be joining the oldest governing body for Aromatherapy since 1985. This affords respect in the eyes of the public that you are committed to supporting the ethos of the IFA. All schools will receive the Aromatherapy Times Quarterly magazine with all updates of activities, and changes and developments in the field, as well as bi-lingual newsletters.


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