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Our Charity Work and Projects


As a charity we feel it is important to support other charitable causes and give back to the profession. Throughout the year we embark on supporting various projects and are exceedingly proud of the volunteer work our therapists undertake.

In the past we have financed our therapists to bring relief to those affected by the Tsunami in Japan and funded Rest UK who gave on site massages to those at disasters such as Ground Zero. We have also supported hospices to integrate aromatherapy into their in-house-care-schemes, donated to the Santa Clara Foundation alongside Lady Sarah Ferguson, and given massages to children with HIV.

The IFA has donated essential oils to the Fountain Centre for our therapists to use when helping the symptoms of those suffering from cancer. Recently, a team visited the Meadow House Hospice and Crisis for the homeless giving massage treatments. This year we are sponsoring the Aromatouch course in Liverpool for parents to learn how to use essential oils and light massage on disabled children.

How do we choose who to help? We select one charity to support each year with a similar ethos to our own and who are actively trying to integrate aromatherapy into a caring environment and need the additional support to do so.

Our support comes in many shapes and forms: The monies we give are sometimes to improve the living conditions of victims of disaster or to reimburse therapists who go onsite to give massages. We support our therapists to educate the public about the healing properties of essential oils and aromatherapy and provide support to our fellow charities by promoting their causes through our various PR platforms, for example on our website and social networks. Some projects we have helped in the past:

  • BB Positive
  • Bulgaria Funding Project
  • Bursary Scheme
  • Crisis
  • Fountain Centre
  • George Eliot Hospital
  • Macmillan
  • Meadow House Hospice
  • National Children's Homes
  • Pauls Cancer Support Centre
  • Rest UK
  • Santa Clara Foundation
  • St Michaels Hospice
  • Tsunami Victims
  • Yes to Life
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How can you help? Donate to our charity and support us in our projects. When members agree to Gift Aid you are donating to the charity. You can also help by increasing awareness about aromatherapy through your social networks and increase our audience, bring more awareness to our charity work, spread a positive attitude amongst your viewers and spread the word about the credibility of aromatherapy and massage as a complementary health medium.


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